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Configuración de tablero personalizado profesional

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Agregue el complemento de configuración de tablero personalizado si desea que Fabian Doerig personalice el tablero para usted. Cualquiera de nuestras tablas se puede personalizar para pesos y diferentes necesidades. ¡Fabian se pone en contacto contigo directamente!

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Carlo I.
Italia Italia
muy útil

If you dont know how to initially setup your board for your weight this is a must buy, tightening or loosening your trucks is always your duty but the choice of bushings from Fabi is top notch.

ONSRA Europa

Thanks Carlo for your feedback! Appreciate it! Hope you'll enjoy your ONSRA!

Zhivko O.
Reino Unido Reino Unido
Do you read all this?

1. It says custom setup by Fab, but it wasn’t done by home, board was poster from Germany . 2. Everything in the box was mixed, could be because of the postage 3. Don’t think it’s that big setup as the cable for the remote controller was faulty, aperantly no body checked it. 4. Last, but not less important. There was no manual , explaining how to connect the remote and set up the ratio. There had to be some specs or explanations. This is for the custom setup , anyway board is good!

ONSRA Europa

Hey Zhivko, Thanks for your comment! The board was setup by Fabi don't worry! Our warehouse is in Germany, he lived in Switzerland, but he always goes 2/3 times/ week to the warehouse to send the boards! Sorry for the box who was mixed, it surely be the Customs, they always mixed the box at the borders.. The manual should be included in the box, we will send you one by mail if you didn't have it.. We are working now on a new version of the manual who will explain everything that you need to know about the boards (remote setup, etc..) Thanks for your feedback! And if you have anything wrong, we'll always find a solution to resolve it!